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Workshop Previews

Here's a preview of just a few of the workshops that will be conducted at Winter Intention

Ecstatic Yoga
with Adeline Thulliez

Ecstatic Yoga is modern yoga combining dynamic yoga movements, powerful breathwork and dance therapy. An uplifting and engaging, modern exercise experience designed to liberate the body, mind, and spirit! This fusion mash-up class will leave you sweaty, energized, joyful, and connected! Be prepared to "shake it up" on and off the mat, workout your arms, get creative, and challenge the boundaries of what you thought was possible.

Ecstatic yoga was originally created by Karma Teachers founder, Emerson Lim, as an exciting way to engage homeless youth and meet them where they are, by introducing them to the benefits of yoga and breath work while triggering a natural high through the therapeutic elements of dance, such as brain dance and ecstatic dance, while creating a space that is truly welcoming and incredibly fun at the same time.

No Dance or Yoga experience necessary.

Facilitators Bio

Teacher of selflove, self esteem and self confidence. I always thought something was missing in my life until I found yoga and Karma Teachers. There I found a community, a passion, a way to express my truly self, lots of love and compassion and thanks to yoga I know that I am enough. I teach how to let go and release like my mentors taught me. I provide a safe place, a judgment free zone where you can express your inner selves. I want people to shine from the inside out. Certified 200 hours Vinyasa Teacher Training, 27h Rainbow kids yoga training, 20h Ecstatic Yoga training.


Candlelight Yin yoga and Massage
with Shaina Winddancer

Come enter into a place of stillness and relaxation, tapping into the the quiet wisdom that lives in the body. Yin yoga is a great integration practice to end your Intention and help ground a new way of being into your body. We will support each other with guided gentle touch and massage to help the nervous system, muscles, and fascia unwind and soften. I intend to create a safe space to drop into the heart so that we are able to really FEEL the love that surrounds us. You are welcome to attend even if you do not wish to participate in the touch/massage part. Please bring a yoga mat, blanket, pillow, and water bottle or tea.

Facilitators Bio

I am passionate explorer of the healing arts. I am curious about using gentleness, ease, and self-love to create new patterns in the body-mind. I am a massage therapist, yoga teacher, women's circle facilitator, a student of Somatic Experiencing (a body-centred method of healing trauma) and a lover of dance and movement. I am honoured to share with intention a trauma sensitve approach to yoga and healing. I am excited to learn and play with you!


Intro to Emotional Freedom Techniques: from Emotional 1st Aid to Deep Healing
with Charlotte Watson

Release from insecurity and self-doubt, to turn that “I’m not good enough” feeling into inner calm, clarity and confidence.

The workshop will start with an introduction to the theory of EFT and how it can be used from Emotional First Aid to deep long lasting healing, followed by a live demonstration of an EFT session with Charlotte as the practitioner and a volunteer client. All workshop participants will get to experience the power of this technique and will also learn how to apply the basic version of this technique on themselves so that they can bring this powerful tool for transformation into their daily lives.

– Move beyond Talk Therapy by releasing feelings and visceral responses from your body
– Support healthy support talk, inner calm and confidence
– Release what prevents you setting boundaries and speaking your truth
– Break negative patterns & limiting beliefs
– Learn to feel “good enough” just as you are

Facilitators Bio

As well as being a mother to two rambunctious children, Charlotte Watson is an Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Practitioner who specializes in working with parents all over the world via Skype who struggle to feel good enough. She uses her empathetic, compassionate and validating approach to meet people where they are at with their feelings and experiences. Charlotte believes that our feelings and emotions can help guide us understanding our values but they shouldn’t overwhelm or control us. She holds these at the cornerstones of her EFT Practice where she specializes in supporting parents who are overwhelmed, struggling or triggered by past traumas, to be able to parent and make decisions with confidence and clarity, and just feel good enough as themselves.



Allowing Freedom through the art of Clown
with Sweetpea Marie

In this workshop you will experience how to allow freedom and the sense of feeling safe while being truly You and being Seen by others. Not only will you experience being in your safe space but also in that sweet spot of delight, choosing life! Free to be you.

Through clown exercises we experience the freedom that actually allows in energy that is here right now to serve us. We will explore the delightful freedom that can be experienced in any given moment, whether alone, connecting with another or being seen onstage.

And yes! There will be laughter, wackiness and fun.

Facilitators Bio

Marie is a teacher of self-discovery through the arts. She has been developing her modalities through visual arts, dance, music, voice, theatre for most of her adult life. For the past 3 years she has been developing her own teachings of consciousness, self-exploration and character development through the art of clown.